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Our clinic is approved by Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and provides everything you need to complete the required Medical Exam(s) for your immigration. Our clinic is eMedical-enabled, which means all reports are uploaded directly to the IRCC and sent straight to the government, without the hassle.

Services in Multiple Languages

Our staff is highly proficient in multiple languages and can provide care and support using your native language at your request. Kindly just indicate your language of preference during the booking of your appointment, and we’ll do the rest.



Please complete the questionnaire as soon as it is sent to you to confirm your appointment.


Upload a clear picture of your passport in the questionnaire.


We will call you 2 days before your scheduled visit to confirm your appointment.



Please bring your passport or other travel document with you to the appointment.


Please complete the consent form in the reception area.


You can eat on the day of your appointment. You do not need to fast before your appointment.


Please allow 1.5-2 hours for your visit due to the recent surge in demand for Immigration Medical Exams.



You will be provided with a folder that has all of the necessary documents you will need to complete your testing AND a copy of your PROOF OF MEDICAL (eMedical Tracking Sheet)


Upon completing your clinic day visit, if you do not receive a call from our office in 14 days, your case has been automatically (electronically) submitted to the IRCC-reminder we use the same eMedical software


Please be advised, once you attend your eMedical enabled appointment at our clinic, any deadlines that you have been given for completing your medical diagnostic testing have been met. Your case is now in its processing status.


If you are working with a lawyer or an agent, you are welcome to give them a copy of your proof of medical tracking sheet as soon as the day of your visit. Similarly, if a portal is available on your online application, you are welcome to upload a copy of your proof of medical sheet as early as that same day. It is not required to wait for results, this only delays the process.

Clinic Policy

Ontario Medical Examiners is committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for all patients and staff. Words or actions that make others feel threatened or demeaned will not be tolerated and decisive action will be taken to protect patients and staff.

Disruptive Behaviour:
Ontario Medical Examiners consider the use of inappropriate words, actions or inactions as disruptive behaviour.


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