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Our Clinic has you covered! We specialize in providing full service immigration medical examination (IME) for all of your immigration needs. We are pleased to provide services that are eMedical enabled. Allowing us to provide case updates to IRCC in real time.


Our specialty is to provide the full-service Immigration Medical Examination (IME) for those taking part in application processes such as ones for Canadian permanent residency, visitor visas, student visas, work visas, and refugee statuses.

eMedical Information Sheet

We provide you with a copy of your eMedical Information Sheet, complete with your photograph and unique identification number for tracking.

Fast,Paperless Processing

Our clinic uses digital eMedical reports, which don’t waste any paper. Your eMedical reports are submitted for you within 5 to 10 days performing any examination.

What To Bring To The Exam

When you come to our clinic for your medical exam, please bring the following:

Immigration Medical
Exam Prices

The following are the set fees for the medical exam. Payment is due at the time of your appointment.

Age 0-11
  • Clientes 10 years and younger are NOT required to have an x-ray or blood testing.
  • Payment is by credit card, debit and cash only.(Blue Cross insurance accepted)
AGE 11+
  • Clients 11+ years older are required to have a chest X-ray and routine blood work completed.
  • Routine blood test fee: $25 additional.
  • The x-ray office charges $40-55, additional.
  • Payment is by credit card, debit and cash only.(Blue Cross insurance accepted)
No Fee
  • A furtherance is a process that is initiated by the IRCC directly to you, the patient.
  • This process usually involves requests for additional information as required by the medical adjudicator (Ottawa) assessing your case.
  • Although additional cost may be required for further testing and specialist consultations, a follow up appointment with your panel physician is complementary.

Based on 39 reviews
Ryan Nunes
Ryan Nunes
A Very good place for immigration medicals professional team to help out and welcoming. Dr Salem is the best doctor I would recommend all the people to book their appointments here.
Tanveer Swaitch
Tanveer Swaitch
It was nice experience they gave me all reports on time.I would highly recommend their services to my friends
Jeannot Bongo
Jeannot Bongo
The reception and medical services were really good, and very professional
Rachel S
Rachel S
Quick. Friendly. Understanding
Omobolanle Faleye
Omobolanle Faleye
It was a wonderful experience right from when I called the facility to book my appointment. The courtesy call From Dr Salim reminding me of my appointment. I can not forget how kind and warm the Dr and his colleagues were. How we recommend them anything any day.
Bandeep Anand
Bandeep Anand
Best medical examination. Easy and smooth service. Very efficient
Philip Holley
Philip Holley
I am not one to usually write reviews but the service and staff were so good I felt compelled too. A medical of any kind in a new country can feel overwhelming however the team where professional and put me at easy. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Our Process

We pay exceptional attention to processing each client's exam and perform follow-up tests and recommendations wherever necessary to perform your medical examination.

Appointment Booking

To book an appointment, simply click any of the Book Now or CLICK HERE buttons found on this page. Answer the questions presented, and make sure to schedule your appointment with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada timelines in mind. Once confirmed, you’re good to go!

On-site Full-service Medical Examination

Take note of the date you scheduled your exam on, as you will be required to have the exam completed at our centre. The settling of payments and fees must also be settled on this day. Make sure to be well-rested and well-nourished on the day of your examination! Note that follow-up tests and recommendations are also given to our clients when we see fit-- but don’t worry! You can rest assured that we will communicate any further requirements, as we push through the process.

Exam Result Submission

Once your IME is complete, you can rest easy-- we will submit your digital results to Immigration Canada, which is usually submitted 5 to 10 days after your exam. We will also notify you once we submit the report. You can also check the status of your report online by CLICKING HERE.

Fully Approved By The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

About Us

Ontario Medical Examiners clinic is located in Cambridge which serves the Kitchener/Waterloo/London/Brantford and surrounding areas.

Our clinic is approved by Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and provides everything you need to complete the required Medical Exam(s) for your immigration. Our clinic is eMedical-enabled, which means all reports are uploaded directly to the IRCC and sent straight to the government, without the hassle.

Certified Panel Physicians

Panel Physicians are doctors who have been approved by Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to conduct the Immigration Medical Examinations. Rest assured, our panel physicians are certified and recognized by the IRCC body, making them experienced and knowledgeable in the field. This makes our team all the more suited to assist you with your exam, with the highest quality of service.

Full Support For Your Exam Process

Here at Ontario Medical Examiners, we solely assist patients in need of an Immigration Medical Exam. Our doctors are experts when it comes to the government’s specifications for such exams, and are committed not only to assisting you throughout the process, but also to making you as comfortable and worry-free as possible, from start to finish.

Services in Multiple Languages

Our staff is highly proficient in multiple languages and can provide care and support using your native language at your request. Kindly just indicate your language of preference during the booking of your appointment, and we’ll do the rest.